5 Things To Look for in a Muay Thai Trainer

Hard work and dedication may be the key to becoming a good Muay Thai fighter, but you can’t deny that only the best trainers produce the best students. They are, after all, the people who shed sweat, blood and tears along with their students so that they may become the Muay Thai fighter that they want to be.As such, it’s best to take the time when choosing the right Muay Thai trainer. Money aside, the right trainer will help you become the best fighter that you can be and may also become one of the best friends you’ve ever had.

That said, here are a couple of things that you’ll want to look for when searching for someone to train you in Muay Thai.


  1. Knowledge of the sport. Many people think that as long as someone is a great kickboxer, he or she will also be a great trainer in Muay Thai. But no, that’s not true. Kick boxing MAY be a sort of variation of Muay Thai, but they are not the same. As such, it’s best to get a trainer who actually has practiced Muay Thai. It’s a huge plus if he or she has trained so in Thailand or is a real Muay Thai fighter, not a Kick Boxer.
  2. Commitment. You should judge a trainer based on the number of good fighters or students he’s produced. It’s important that a trainer MUST be committed to you as well. The best way to know about this is how well he or she receives you and how interested he or she is answering all of your questions.
  3. Chemistry. Have you ever met someone that simply just rubbed you off the wrong way? First impressions aside, there are just some people that we don’t like and we don’t exactly know why that is so. Trainers are no exception and if you ever don’t feel like training with someone, then don’t.
  4. Muay Thai Experience. Discussed previously, it’s best to go train with someone who’s had some experience as a Muay Thai fighter. Additionally, being a good Muay Thai fighter doesn’t mean that he or she is going to be a good teacher too. Yes, their experience helps, but it’s best to go train with someone who’s more interested in training you than training themselves. As such, look for someone who’s both a known fighter and a known coach.
  5. Love for the sport. Those who are passionate about Muay Thai won’t think twice about teaching a thing or two to someone else. So, look for people who’s not in it for the money, but for the love of the sport as well.

Trainer problems aside, your biggest obstacles is yourself. If you don’t cooperate with your trainer and not listen to the tips given, you probably will lag behind other people he’s also training. As such, be sure to listen and listen well because if you follow the tips above, you’ll most likely find a trainer that’s only looking out for your best interests.


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