7 Must-Have Items For Your Muay Thai Gym Bag!

If you’re planning on taking up Muay Thai, it’s almost necessary to have a huge gym bag. Why so? Because practicing Muay Thai requires you to have a lot of gear, most of which meant to protect you from injuring or from injuring others.In this list, you’re going to learn why a huge gym bag is almost always necessary and what items you’ll have to put in them.

  1. Boxing gloves. You’d like to bring two pairs with you, one ten-ounce pair for heavy bag training and another sixteen-ounce pair when you decide to spar. As an added tip, try to stay away from the gloves made by Everlast or those with “UFC” written on them. If possible, try to ask your personal trainer what brand they’d recommend.
  2. Headgear. Protect your head at all times because concussions aren’t fun. Yes, head gear equipment may be expensive, but you what’s more expensive? Hospital bills.
  3. Groin Protection. Both men and women need this for reasons that don’t exactly need much explanation.
  4. Mouth Guard. Even with your head gear, you’re bound to get hit on the head especially in the mouth area. Buy yourself a few quality mouth guards and you’ll find yourself visiting the dentist far less often.
  5. Shin Guards, knee pads and elbow pads. For an overall immersive experience, be sure to buy yourself additional protective equipment. Consider it as an investment for you and your training partner as these pieces of equipment help prevent injuries. Be sure to fit them first, though, before buying since they come in different shapes and sizes.
  6.  Hand wraps. Many Muay Thai fighters own dozens of pairs of hand wraps and they carry with them a couple every time they go to the gym. Why? Because they’re useful and you can never have one too many.
  7. Athletic Tapes and Ankle Braces. These two are put as one item because they’re optional, but that doesn’t they’re not useful. If you have the budget, be sure to buy a good type because you can use it to wrap your hands, or help prevent your shin guards from sliding among many other things. Also, the ankle braces help protect your feet from all the kicking included in your training.

As you can see, Muay Thai is a rather expensive combat sport because of all the many protective equipment needed. Not to mention that you still have to buy towels and other obvious stuff that you’re going to be needed in the gym. But hey, no combat sport is cheap to learn and the benefits of practicing Muay Thai far outweigh the costs of doing so.

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