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Muay Thai training, things that will be useful for beginners such as best boxing schools and gyms in Thailand or where to find and how to select the highest

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Nutrition Tips For Those New To Muay Thai

It’s common for many of those who are new to Muay Thai to neglect many things, particularly, nutrition and diet. Many of them often think that in order to build the muscle and strength they need, they just have to train,

Knowing the Difference between Muay Thai and Kick Boxing

Many people often make the mistake of thinking that both Muay Thai and Kickboxing are the same. While similar in some respects, there are quite a few significant differences that’s important to know, especially if you plan on taking up Muay

7 Must-Have Items for Muay Thai Fighters

If you’re planning on taking up Muay Thai Shorts and gear seriously, or at least, plan on training more than three times a week, it’s best that you consider investing in these equipment.

Basic Muay Thai Workouts for Novices

The routines you’re about to read below are some of the most basic routines below that any beginner can do at any Muay Thai gym. These are extremely helpful, especially in times when trainers aren’t available or when, as a novice,

7 Must-Have Items For Your Muay Thai Gym Bag!

If you’re planning on taking up Muay Thai, it’s almost necessary to have a huge gym bag. Why so? Because practicing Muay Thai requires you to have a lot of gear, most of which meant to protect you from injuring or

The Best Muay Thai Short Brands

For those who are into Muay Thai, a pair or so of well-made, high quality shorts is important. But, finding one isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know which brands are trustworthy and which ones are just after your money.

Important Tips To Help You Train Muay Thai Alone

How To Train Muay Thai Alone Everyone who’s practiced Muay Thai or any sort of combat sport or martial art for that matter has gone through days where no one is around in the gym. No trainer, no sparring partner and
Muay Thai-Box Nadrág

Everything You Need to Know About Muay Thai Shorts

One main difference between Muay Thai shorts with others is that they’re extremely short. Boxing shorts, in particular, are often knee length which is about four times the length of the pairs of shorts used by Muay Thai fighters. Another difference

How to Throw Much More Powerful Round Kicks in Muay Thai

Making Your Muay Thai Round Kicks Much More Powerful! For those that don’t know, the round kick is pretty much one of the most powerful kicks in all of Muay Thai. It’s also a kick that’s used in other principles and