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7 Must-Have Items for Muay Thai Fighters

If you’re planning on taking up Muay Thai Shorts and gear seriously, or at least, plan on training more than three times a week, it’s best that you consider investing in these equipment.

The Best Muay Thai Short Brands

For those who are into Muay Thai, a pair or so of well-made, high quality shorts is important. But, finding one isn’t easy, especially if you don’t know which brands are trustworthy and which ones are just after your money.
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Everything You Need to Know About Muay Thai Shorts

One main difference between Muay Thai shorts with others is that they’re extremely short. Boxing shorts, in particular, are often knee length which is about four times the length of the pairs of shorts used by Muay Thai fighters. Another difference

Selecting the Right Pair of Muay Thai Shorts

Many may think that the muay thai shorts aren’t important. That any fighter can just wear any pair of shorts out there and perform well in the ring. But, that’s not true. Save for the gloves, mouthpiece and protective gears, a
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The Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves For You!

Even if you’re just taking up Muay Thai for fitness reasons, it’s important that you buy yourself the best pair of Boxing Gloves for your budget and preferences. Finding one, though, isn’t that easy, more so if you have no one