Choosing the Right Muay Thai Gym in Thailand

So, you’ve come to Thailand to train Muay Thai. Kudos to you. Not many people are committed enough to make that jump. But, once you’re there, you’re shocked by just how many Muay Thai gyms there are, making it hard to choose just one.Lucky for you, this list is here and hopefully, the tips below will help you choose the right Muay Thai gym that suits your taste and preference.


  1. Gender. It’s important to take note that Muay Thai gyms in Thailand are slightly different in that not all allow women. Some also allow women, but forbid them from entering the ring. So, it’s best to look for a Muay Thai gym that caters to both men and women, preferably one that’s populated by many foreigners as well so you don’t feel alone.
  2. Preferred place. Geographic location plays a key role as there are many Muay Thai gyms all over Thailand. Before going there, it’s best to decide whether you’ll want to live in the city, suburbs or the countryside. Also, be mindful of your budget as different gyms have various rates.
  3. Your goals. If the main reason why you’re taking up Muay Thai is for self-defense and to lose weight, you’ll have different goals from one that wants to break into the leagues of pro fighters. Set your goal first and determine what you want to happen so you’ll be able to decide which gyms are best suited for what you want to achieve.
  4. Your thai. If you can’t speak Thai or only know little of the language, it’s best to go to a gym that’s known for catering foreigners. But, if you’re quite adventurous, you can still go with a gym full of Thais. Thais, after all, are known for their hospitality. Plus, the immersion experience of diving headfirst into a gym that you know next to nothing about the language is just unparalleled.
  5. Your money. Training Muay Thai in Thailand is expensive, especially if you plan on doing so for quite some time. With you being in a foreign country, you’re bound to rely on your savings until you’re done or until you find a job and balance it with your training. That said, be sure to look online about the rates and if you know a bit of Thai, be sure to ask around. Local vendors, for example, are great sources of inside information about which gyms are the best and cheapest.

Hopefully, these tips have helped give you an idea on how to choose the right gym to train Muay Thai in once you go to Thailand.

Just a reminder, though. Regardless of which gym you go to, it’s best to have fun while training. Because if not, what’s the use of training if you’re not going to enjoy it, right?


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