How to Throw Much More Powerful Round Kicks in Muay Thai

Making Your Muay Thai Round Kicks Much More Powerful!

For those that don’t know, the round kick is pretty much one of the most powerful kicks in all of Muay Thai. It’s also a kick that’s used in other principles and many hail it as one of the most effective attacks any fighter can ever execute. Simple as they may look like, these kicks can break bones, knock fighters unconscious and can even kill. Put it simply, the roundhouse kick is one of the most lethal kicks out there.That said, if you plan on making the round kick part of your arsenal of weapons, be sure to read these tips below.


  • Train your shin. Unlike in other combat sports, the main focus of the round kick in Muay Thai is the shin and other bones surrounding. That said, if you can make yours as hard as it possibly can, then you’re already on your way to having a devastating round kick.
  • Step out. This is the one step that many say makes the round kick obvious, but it’s also rather important. By stepping out at a 45 degree angle, you get a better position and a better angle. Plus, by stepping out and with your back heel slightly off the ground, you can push as hard as you can so that the kick is going to be as fast and as strong as it can be.
  • Post and cover. Known as the windshield wiper sequence, be sure to look up a video of this online as its quite hard to explain it just from words alone.
  • Hip and shoulder rotation. Pivot and rotation, two words that are the secret behind knockout round kicks. The rotation of your hip, followed by your arms, is the key to creating that whip-like motion that the round kick is most famous for.
  • Follow through. Plain and simple. Just be sure to kick THROUGH your target, not at it so it’s easier for you to recover if it should miss and much harder for your target to counter.
  • Never make the mistake of leaning back when throwing a round kick. Sure, it helps you to NOT get hit, but it also lessens the impact of your round kick. More importantly, as long as you pivot right and step out at the right angle, you’re pretty much protected from counterattacks. That is, as long as you time your round kick right.

Keep in mind that while the round kick can easily knock out your opponent, it’s not always going to land. As powerful as it is, many fighters have found themselves kissing the floor because of ill-timed round kicks that were easily countered by similarly devastating strikes.

So, be sure to time it right and use your round kick only when the opportunity presents itself.

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