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Why It’s Important to Sometimes Train Muay Thai On Your Own

Anyone who’s trained Muay Thai at least once knows that it’s best done in the gym with a trainer, or with a sparring partner. But, the truth is, that’s always possible and even if it is, it’s not always the best

Why You Should Use The Heavy Bag More Often in Muay Thai

Many Muay Thai fighters rarely think of the heavy bag as their best friend when it comes to their training and when you look at the bag, it’s not hard to blame them. It’s heavy, it looks dull and it looks

Important Sparring Tips for Muay Thai Fighters

If you’re new to sparring, it’s not surprising that you’ll find yourself not knowing what to do and what to expect. And, as such, you may find yourself doing a bit too much or doing a whole lot less, two things

5 Things To Look for in a Muay Thai Trainer

Hard work and dedication may be the key to becoming a good Muay Thai fighter, but you can’t deny that only the best trainers produce the best students. They are, after all, the people who shed sweat, blood and tears along

Selecting the Right Pair of Muay Thai Shorts

Many may think that the muay thai shorts aren’t important. That any fighter can just wear any pair of shorts out there and perform well in the ring. But, that’s not true. Save for the gloves, mouthpiece and protective gears, a

Why Anyone Can and Should Train Muay Thai

Muay Thai or the so-called “art of the eight limbs” is a combat sport that even the most hardened MMA fighters train in to help with their careers. And, with many famous fighters training in this sport to add to their

5 Reasons Why You Definitely Have to Train Muay Thai in Thailand

If you’ve been training in Muay Thai for quite some time, I’m quite sure you’re thinking of taking the next step. For some, it seems trying their hands (or feet, pun intended) on amateur and pro fighting. For others, they just

How Does Boxing Help Muay Thai Fighters?

Regardless of who you are and how intense your training is, what’s sure to happen is you hitting a plateau. It may happen after a few months, or a few years, but you’re going to hit that limit and when that

Choosing the Right Muay Thai Gym in Thailand

So, you’ve come to Thailand to train Muay Thai. Kudos to you. Not many people are committed enough to make that jump. But, once you’re there, you’re shocked by just how many Muay Thai gyms there are, making it hard to
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The Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves For You!

Even if you’re just taking up Muay Thai for fitness reasons, it’s important that you buy yourself the best pair of Boxing Gloves for your budget and preferences. Finding one, though, isn’t that easy, more so if you have no one