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Improving Your Muay Thai Round Kick Technique!

To say that the rear round kick is synonymous with Muay Thai is pretty accurate. It is one of Muay Thai’s most basic techniques, yet it’s also one of its most complex. The reason being is that this simple-looking kick requires

The Five Different Muay Thai Kick Techniques

The official word for kicks in Thai is “Tae” and they’re one of the most commonly used strikes in the martial art, Muay Thai. Often able to knock opponents out in a single shot, mastering each one of these Taes is

Doing Muay Thai Punching Bag Workout On Your Own

When training in any martial art, it’s best to have a partner to practice with. It’s the best way to improve as it helps stimulate real combat and allows you to improve all the skills incorporated in your art. Muay Thai

Learning How To Throw the Switch Kick Correctly!

If you’ve ever seen the Muay Thai switch kick in action, then you know just how powerful and fast this type of kick is. It’s an effective attack and it’s definitely something that you’ll want to be a part of your

All About High Kicks, Stretches and Muay Thai!

There isn’t anyone who practices Muay Thai that doesn’t want a higher kick. To do so is an achievement and to knock one out in a match with a round kick to the head is a dream. Unfortunately, hitting the head

Tips On How To Improve Your Low Kicks in Muay Thai

Easy to learn and much easier to master compared to other types of kicks, the low kick is one of the many weapons of Muay Thai fighters. In this article, both novices and experienced fighters alike will learn quite a few

How To Use The Heavy Bag The Right Way!

Practicing with the heavy bag is the most underrated exercise in any martial art. Even in Muay Thai, where many practitioners practice on the heavy bag a lot, most still don’t pay enough attention to it. Sure, many spend lots of

The Right Stretches To Help You Get Higher Kicks in Muay Thai!

Deep inside, everyone who’s practiced Muay Thai wants to be able to kick someone in the head without losing form. It’s somewhat of a dream for most and it’s also something that’s much easier said than done. Being able to kick

How To Block a Punch in Muay Thai?

How To Block a Punch in Muay Thai? Muay Thai is one of the most interesting combat sports around. Originating from Thailand, it has its own unique techniques, most of which use the body as weapons, specifically the fists, elbows, knees

The Basic Kick Defense Techniques in Muay Thai

The Basic Kick Defense Techniques in Muay Thai As a combat sport, Muay Thai relies on the human body for both offense and defense. Relying on the use of the fists, elbow, knee and feet, knowing how to use them effectively