Selecting the Right Pair of Muay Thai Shorts

Many may think that the muay thai shorts aren’t important. That any fighter can just wear any pair of shorts out there and perform well in the ring. But, that’s not true. Save for the gloves, mouthpiece and protective gears, a pair of shorts is a necessary piece of equipment that every Muay Thai fighter needs to practice and fight well.If you’re someone who can relate to the problem of not knowing how to choose the right pair of fight shorts, well, don’t worry.


These tips below will help you make sure that you buy only the best fitting fight shorts your money can buy.

  1. Slits. Not all pairs of fight shorts in the market have slits on its legs. Be sure to check the pair you plan on buying as these slits will help you have a greater range of motion. Better mobility = better movement and better movement = better chances of winning.
  2. Shorter shorts. If you take a look at the pair of shorts that many professional Muay Thai fighters prefer, it’s usually the shorter or smaller kinds. They’re usually similar to K-1 style shorts than the traditional ones and while they seem like new to you, wearing them will do wonders for your mobility.
  3. Material. Not many people know this, but the best kickboxing shorts are those that are made from light weight satin. So, be sure to check the materials the pair of shorts you’re eyeing is made of.
  4. Wider short legs. It’s no secret that Muay Thai emphasizes in strengthening the muscles between the thigh areas, making it wider than usual. That said, it’s best to have a pair of shorts that have wider leg holes as well. Not too tight and definitely, not too loose, this will make you mobile while training or fighting and help you do all the strikes in Muay Thai.
  5. Elasticity. This is pretty standard, but it’s worth noting that not all pairs of shorts have them. If they’re elastic, this means that they’re more flexible when it comes to size and this also makes sure that they don’t drop down when you’re moving.

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Remember, when choosing the right short, price doesn’t always mean that they’re quality products. So, inspect them first and check if they’re the right fit for you.

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