The Perfect Pair of Boxing Gloves For You!

Even if you’re just taking up Muay Thai for fitness reasons, it’s important that you buy yourself the best pair of Boxing Gloves for your budget and preferences. Finding one, though, isn’t that easy, more so if you have no one helping you.

If your local Muay Thai shop doesn’t have any quality boxing gloves in stock, be sure to check out this link:

The good thing is that this list is here to help you with that and when you’re shopping for boxing gloves, it’s best that you consider these tips below.

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  1. Expect to spend a lot. If you go to the gym and train Muay Thai more than thrice a week, it’s best to consider spending more than $70 for a pair of boxing gloves. Any cheaper than that and you’ll end up wasting money on a pair of gloves that won’t last you for more than a few months. Expensive gloves are usually of good quality and will last you for a few years!
  2. Purchase the right size. Most gloves come in different sizes, with the 12 ounce, 14 ounce and 16 ounce being the most common. If you plan on taking Muay Thai seriously and if you spar often, it’s best to buy yourself a pair of 16-ounce and 12-ounce gloves. Each glove will have its own purpose, with the larger one being best for sparring while the other for practice with the heavy bag.
  3. Velcro. Many people often say that laces are the best, but for those who’ve actually tried them, Velcro is much more comfortable to use. Sure, laces are much more classic to look at and they have that old school feel working for them. But, Velcro allows you to make all the glove adjustments yourself without needing any help.


BONUS TIP: As effective as the boxing gloves are in protecting your fists, they don’t offer total protection and that’s where the hand wraps come in. Remember, there are about 27 bones in your hand and they all need the support they can get. Investing in proper hand wraps help prevent injury, both minor and major ones. And oh, be sure to wash your hand wraps every now and then.

Consider your boxing gloves as an investment. Spending on them now may make your wallet cry, but you’ll end up spending less because you’ll be using that single pair for years at a time.


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