Why Anyone Can and Should Train Muay Thai

Muay Thai or the so-called “art of the eight limbs” is a combat sport that even the most hardened MMA fighters train in to help with their careers. And, with many famous fighters training in this sport to add to their arsenal, it’s no wonder that it’s become quite famous. But, despite how many fighters train on it, Muay Thai can benefit anyone, even the average person.

boxing-606193_640Sure, Muay Thai is complicated. It’s also harder to learn compared to other martial arts and in a way, a lot more dangerous as well. But, before you dismiss it as an art only for those who already fit or those who want to make a living out of fighting, the list below will prove to you that Muay Thai is an art that anyone can and should learn.

  • Physical Fitness. You may have played a sport or two before or may have even trained in a martial art or two. And, not undermine what you’ve done, but nothing gets your blood pumping more than Muay Thai. With its emphasis on the use of the eight points of contact – the fists, elbows, knees and shins, you’ll be moving your whole body much more than you’re used to.
  • Self-defense. The main draw of Muay Thai is that it transforms almost every part of your body into a weapon. If you learn Muay Thai, you’ll know how to physically defend yourself and get out of trouble with nothing but your feet and your hands.
  • Stress Relief. Most of us accumulate a huge amount of stress from our daily activities and it’s quite hard to find an outlet for that at times. With Muay Thai, you not only burn much more sweat than your usual exercise, but you’re also able to release much more stress because of how Muay Thai emphasizes concentration and focus among many other things.
  • Mental Health. Speaking of focus and concentration, training in Muay Thai or pretty much, any martial art, will help you control yourself, your anger and pretty much, your mental state. This, in turn, will help you be able to focus more, whether it is on your training, or on your day to day job.

So, that’s it. Four benefits of training in Muay Thai which just somehow proves that anyone who’s not physically and/or mentally impaired should and can train in it.

Just remember, you’re training for self-defense more than anything else. So, try not to get into fights more so than before juts because you know how to knock a few heads without breaking any sweat.


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