Why You Should Use The Heavy Bag More Often in Muay Thai

Many Muay Thai fighters rarely think of the heavy bag as their best friend when it comes to their training and when you look at the bag, it’s not hard to blame them. It’s heavy, it looks dull and it looks boring and it won’t move unless you decide to make it move, either with a punch, or a kick, or a headbutt, or a knee.

boxers-77966_1280In any case, the heavy bag really is a boring thing to look at. That is, if you’re not looking at it hard enough. The truth is, this piece of equipment could easily make the difference between you being an average fighter to one that’s fully capable of defending against more than just a couple of street thugs.

Heavy Bag and Your Training

Fixed to a wall, such bags weigh differently, though Muay Thai fighters usually only practice with those that weigh about 50 pounds to about 200 pounds. Even at 50, the heavy bag stays true to its name. It’s sturdy, it’s heavy and it certainly isn’t going anywhere.

Looking at the heavy bag, you don’t see much. All you see is just a piece of equipment, but have you ever considered how you train with it? Have you ever thought that you aren’t putting as much effort as you should be?

Many fighters often think that the best way to condition and improve themselves is through sparring, but that isn’t true. Before you can even a moving target, it’s best that you know how to hit a heavy bag too.

Think of the heavy bag as a sparring partner. Don’t just punch it for the sake of punching. Think of it as someone who may hit you back if you’re open enough. Or, better yet, think of it as someone who wants to knock you out as much as you do.

The Heavy Bag is your Best Friend

 Unlike sparring partners, the heavy bag can take lots of hits. It won’t get injured and it certainly won’t get bruised. The worst thing you can do is punch a hole, but that’s only when you’re powerful and skilled enough.

Remember, your heavy bag is your best friend when it comes to your training. If you love to shadow box, then why not do it with a heavy bag? Evade as you would in a normal match and put your guard up. This way, you improve your muscle memory and habits, making defending and striking a whole lot easier in a real match.


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